Anti-Skid & Wood texture WPC Deck Tiles by RosettaFloors.

Imagine having a cup of tea on your lawn, balcony, or terrace and heavy rain started pouring down within no time, you rush toward a shade slip and hurt your head. A scenario that could easily be avoided if Rosetta Deck tiles were installed at your home.
Our deck tiles come with an anti-skid technology that saves you from slipping with or without shoes. These tiles have a thin coating on top of the WPC planks which is anti-skid and anti-static. These tiles are tested and have a fast-draining capacity which doesn’t allow water to settle on the tiles. As soon as any waterfalls on the tiles it drains off.
This technology makes the area safe for you and your loved ones. These tiles are also installed in children's play areas which makes it safe for them to move around without slipping. These tiles do not produce any static shock due to friction.
The wooden texture is an important part that makes the tile anti-skid, this texture holds on to any material or surface.
What are you waiting for?
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Very Good product & Brand at very good price

Murtaza Dhariwala

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