Grass Interlocking Deck Tiles by Rosetta

Grass Interlocking Deck Tiles by Rosetta

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Artificial grass and turfs are the new trends in outdoor decor; these artificial turfs stay green all-round the year saving a lot of water. Most importantly gives a natural feel to your outdoors with close to no maintenance, but fixing this turf in roll lengths can be a task. 

Rosetta Floors has made it easy to have artificial turf in your backyard with no professional help. Our grass deck tile has the click in place technology to help you fix these by yourself without any professional help. The tile form makes it much simpler than the bigger rolls. They can be easily transported as they come in boxes, whereas the roll may need a vehicle just to transport the grass to your home, then the professional will take almost a day to place the turf. Also, due to being in the rolled form the turf may curl and may take at least a week’s time to settle completely. Another problem with these turf rolls is that sometimes nails or screws may be used to fix the turf which may lead to injuries to kids or pets which can be easily avoided with the grass tiles. 

Drainage and cleaning is also an important aspect for outdoor flooring. Rosetta grass deck tiles come with drainage holes for easy flow of water and to prevent clogging. Tiles can be cleaned easily with a broom or a vacuum cleaner effortlessly. If someday you feel like thoroughly cleaning your original floor you can simply take out the tiles, clean the floor and place them back in no time. The tile form has many advantages, supposedly you spill a hot liquid or place a hot object on the grass you can simply replace that single tile, whereas if you have the same problem in a bigger turf you may have to change the turf completely.

What are you waiting for? Build your floor yourself with RosettaFloors!

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