The all New Wood (WPC) Deck Flooring

The all New Wood (WPC) Deck Flooring

DIY DECK Flooring by Rosetta Floors.

    WPC Deck Tiles are a new trend in the flooring industry; these interlocking tiles make it easy for you to install them easily and give a new look to your outdoor spaces. These tiles come in various designs and can be placed in different ways so patterns are created. Rosetta Deck tiles are available in different colors; all three colors can be used in spaces whilst creating a pattern. Interlocking grass tiles can be used with WPC in many ways. The wood and grass duo gives your outdoor a natural look and feel. 

 What is WPC?

WPCs are composite materials made of wood fiber/wood flour and thermoplastics such as polythene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, or polylactic acid. These are placed together under high pressure; the pressure thus combines them into a solid material. Advantages associated with these products include lighter weight and improved acoustic, impact, and heat reform ability properties, and high durability which makes our decks the perfect material for outdoors.

Why choose Rosetta Floors?

We at Rosetta believe that quality is the main objective of why a customer chooses a product. Thus, our range includes the top quality products. These tiles have a smooth texture and non-fading colors. The tiles won’t move an inch after they are interlocked together. There are several holes in the plastic below for easy drainage of water. Our deck tiles are weatherproof and can sustain any climate.

Benefits of Interlocking WPC and Grass deck tiles:

DIY installation, Easy to install, a weatherproof, interlocking base that allows you to simply snap them together, effortless cleaning, natural feel, child & pet friendly, can be placed according to color schemes and patterns, can be cut if a smaller size of the tile is needed. 

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