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Red Cedar WPC Deck Flooring Design-1

Red Cedar WPC Deck Flooring Design-1

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Welcome to
The best place for DIY and home improvement. Here we have a new product that you have to see DIY Deck Flooring! This new floor has been made of durable materials such as wood, stone, grass.
It interlocks easily because of the revolutionary 4 sided grid. It is best used in balconies, gardens,patios and outdoor spaces.
You will love this product because it's easy to install and has multiple flooring designs.
Coming to how it works,
It's very simple. All you have to do is select the Deck Flooring options you want
  • WPC deck,
  • Artificial Grass deck,
  • Stone deck
Then plan out your design. Once you have your design, open the box and start laying out the deck tiles in the pattern you have decided.
Now align the connecters and use your hands to push and press down on the interlocking deck tiles to secure it till you hear a click.
That's how easy it is.
There are also no nails or bolts to install, everything is secured using the grid locking system.
Now you can continue placing more tiles exactly where you want them and connect them. It's so easy that a kid could do it!
If any tile is damaged, you can pull out the tiles and replace them with new ones.

If you get bored with your design, you can pick out a new design and start putting it together at no extra cost.

However, caution must be observed when planning an installation as you might need to cut the tiles to fit your space.

It has been designed for outdoor flooring use. Making it ultra low maintenance ultra durable. So you can use the deck tiles in all seasons.

In rainy seasons you don't need to worry as our tiles have a self-drain system so all the water seeps through, leaving you with a clean and beautiful deck.

Rosetta Deck Flooring is extremely durable and can withstand heavy objects standing on top of it, causing no damage to the surface.
This makes Deck Flooring great for households with small children and pets.


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